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What is a mobile VPN?

A mobile virtual private network (VPN) serves two primary functions. It establishes an encrypted pathway for your mobile device’s online data transfers, safeguarding your internet activities. It also helps sustain a protected connection via VPN servers as your phone switches between various networks, such as transitioning from mobile data to public Wi-Fi.

Why use a mobile VPN?

A mobile VPN serves as a digital guardian for both personal and business mobile internet use, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. These networks are prime targets for cybercriminals, but a VPN encrypts your data and online actions, shielding sensitive information like passwords, apps and personal communications from prying eyes. A mobile VPN also provides access to region-restricted content by masking your location, a handy perk for accessing restricted streaming services and online content while traveling. 

As a business tool, a mobile VPN plays an essential role in securing the online activity of remote workers. A mobile VPN creates a secure tunnel for data transmission wherever employees connect to the internet, including unsecured networks such as public Wi-Fi. This helps preserve sensitive business information from potential breaches and allows employees to securely access corporate resources from various locations while protecting proprietary information.

However, while a mobile VPN is a valuable added security layer to protect mobile online activities, it doesn’t wholly defend against identity theft or malware. It’s one part of a comprehensive mobile security strategy.

Best Overall VPN Service
Stay safer online with the leading mobile VPN service.
NordVPN offers a fast mobile VPN that includes additional cybersecurity features for browsing the internet on multiple devices with security and speed.

What do mobile VPNs cost?

Pricing for most basic VPN services, including mobile VPN coverage, starts around $2.59 per user per month when billed annually. However, this figure varies based on the provider, plan tier and billing cadence. Most VPN solutions offer single-tier pricing, but many offer subscription options. Higher-priced plans may allow for more simultaneous connections and perks such as a dedicated IP address or antivirus tools.

Individuals can select different billing terms, which can lower the VPN cost. Annual, biennial or triennial options typically cost less than month-to-month plans. Providers may also offer weekly billing or bulk licensing options, which let business owners buy three or more licenses for a lower price.

How to choose a mobile VPN service

Whether considering a mobile VPN for personal or business use, selecting the right VPN service hinges on a few key factors. Here are the essentials to keep in mind, along with some important features to look for:

Pricing: Compare monthly and annual plans to get the best value for your money. Longer-term plans often come with substantial discounts. If you plan to use a mobile VPN as an ongoing security tool, not just to cover connectivity during an overseas trip, consider a multiyear commitment to maximize savings.

Ease of Use: Mobile VPNs offer a range of user-friendly features, and some offer more customizable configuration options than others. Most services provide trial periods that you can use to test drive the interface and settings to see which fits your tech comfort level.

Device Connections: Some mobile VPN services accommodate all your devices – mobile and desktop – with unlimited simultaneous connections. Other services have device connection limitations, typically around five simultaneous connections. If you need to connect many devices via one account, this can be the deciding factor in selecting a mobile VPN service.

Server locations: If you need region-specific connectivity, look for a mobile VPN provider with physical servers in your target regions. For example, a mobile VPN with U.S. servers is essential if you’re in the U.K. but want to access streaming content exclusive to the U.S. Similarly, if you live or travel in countries that block certain websites or content, choose a VPN with servers in locations that allow access to the sites or streaming services you need.

What to look for in a mobile VPN for business

A VPN for business use typically include features geared for administrative management across a distributed or remote workforce. Additional factors to consider in a mobile VPN for business include:

  • Per-user cost.
  • Activity reports.
  • Administrative dashboards.
  • Transferable user licenses.
  • Integration with single sign-on tools.
  • Device security posture monitoring.
  • Fixed IPs with dedicated servers.
  • Network segmentation.
  • Download and upload speeds.
  • Available protocols.
  • VPN features, like a kill switch and split tunneling.
  • Custom configuration and compliance capabilities.
  • VPN company history, audits and security measures. 
  • Time to implement and deploy.
  • Single sign-on and MFA functionality.
  • Scalability.
  • Desktop and mobile app functionality.
  • Advanced security tools and features.
  • Dedicated customer support or account managers.

What we don’t recommend

Free VPN services aren’t an ideal solution, especially for business needs. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that free VPN apps generate revenue by displaying ads within the app or sharing your online activity with third-party companies. This can compromise data privacy and security, especially in a business context.

Additionally, low-cost consumer VPN plans might suit solopreneur and small business needs, but there are better choices for businesses managing large teams, remote workers and international staff. Consumer VPN plans lack centralized billing, user permissions, configuration controls and management tools that streamline various business processes. The per-user cost might be higher for business subscriptions, but centralized oversight and controls add value by ensuring the privacy and security of company data and digital assets.

Best Overall VPN Service
Stay safer online with the leading VPN service.
NordVPN offers a fast VPN that includes additional cybersecurity features for browsing the internet on multiple devices with security and speed.

Get 68% off NordVPN + 3 extra months
Get 68% off NordVPN + 3 extra months
Best Overall VPN Service
Get 68% off NordVPN + 3 extra months
Easy to setup and use
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